The Future of Rick and Morty is in Limbo, According to Creator Dan Harmon

I hate to say this to you Rick and Morty fans (which includes Me!), but after three stellar seasons the future of the sci-fi show is uncertain. 

Creator Dan Harmon talked about the show's situation with a fan on Twitter saying that Adult Swim hadn't made a decision on whether or not a fourth season would be ordered. 

Series writer Ryan Ridley, is optimistic about another season for the show, but thinks that if things continue the way they're going new shows won't be available until 2019. 

"They really take their time," Ridley said about the situation. "I never understood why everybody didn't get their sh** together, and make the show fast; I just don't get it." 

Where's a Mr. Meeseeks when you need him to fix everything?


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