New study tells us that men in their late 30s love Radiohead's "Creep"

How many of you in your late 30s love Radiohead? How about their song "Creep"? Well according to a new study that looked at the music tastes of different genders and generations, found that ‘Creep’ by Radiohead is particularly popular among 38 year-old men.

The study analysed Spotify data of the most streamed music by users of different ages, finding that adult musical preferences set in for men from the age of 14. The men who most like ‘Creep’ would have been around the age of 14 when the song was released in 1993.

“This research tells us that the majority of us, when we are grown men and women, predictably stick with the music that captured us in the earliest phase of our adolescence,” said Stephens-Davidowitz who conducted the study.

So what was your favorite song when you were 14? Is it still your favorite song today? Do you agree with the study?


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