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The Best and Worst States for Online Dating...Should You Move?

Valentine's Day is around the corner and maybe you haven't fired up your Tinder or Bumble app recently.  The list of Best and Worst states for online dating has been released, thanks to AT&T All Home Connections.  

Maybe you could reconsider moving in the next few days if it will help you get a date!

In our area, Maryland came in at #15, Virginia at #17, and DC at #22.  Not too shabby considering the rest of the list.

Here are the 10 best states for online dating, according to the data:

1. New Hampshire

2. Massachusetts

3. Rhode Island

4. Connecticut

5. Maine

6. North Dakota

7. Washington

8. Minnesota

9. New York 

10. New Jersey

And these are the 10 worst:

1. Arkansas

2. New Mexico

3. Mississippi

4. Louisiana

5. South Carolina

6. Tennessee

7. Alabama

8. Oklahoma

9. Texas

10. Nevada

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