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Carrie Fisher's Dog Makes An Appearance in The Last Jedi

Star Wars fans (including yours truly) are anxiously awaiting the premiere of The Last Jedi this Friday (12/15) but there is one special part of the latest installment of the iconic franchise that has people super excited.

The Independent reports:

"At the closing ceremonies for 2016's Star Wars Celebration, the world's largest convention for the franchise, both Carrie Fisherand Mark Hamill had a very exact complaint to be made: why are there no dogs in the Star Wars universe?

"I'm just here to make sure Gary gets a part at least in the next [movie]," Fisher said at the time. And it looks as if General Leia got her request: Gary Fisher, her French Bulldog companion that was rarely separated from her side, has a cameo in The Last Jedi."

Some Twitter sleuths were quick to find the pup in a newly released photo from The Last Jedi.

Director Rian Johnson replied confirming the cameo from the canine

Since Fisher's death, Gary has been taken care of by Carrie's former assistant, who continues to post pics of the animal on Social Media for the fans.

Oh, and Gary even has his OWN Instagram. How cute is he???

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