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'Stranger Things: The Game' Just Debuted on the App Store for FREE!!

With the Season 2 premiere of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things coming up on 10/27, a new iOS game has been released to hold fans over until the end of the month.

Stranger Things: The Game takes on the same 80's nostalgia that the tv show does and has a Legend of Zelda feel to it.  It looks just like an 8-bit game from back in the day!

The action adventure includes seven playable characters each with unique abilities to help players solve puzzles, while locations from the hit show that appear in the game include Mirkwood Forest, Hawkins Lab, and Jim Hopper's home. 

Of course there are show staples like Eggos and Gnomes to find.  Plus, two unforgiving difficulty modes, so unless you think you are a hardcore gamer, you may want to stick to Easy.

What's really awesome though, ahead of the season premiere, is a never-before-seen TV trailer to unlock!  There just so happens to be a content update for the game that's expected to drop on October 27th (see above, woo hoo!).

The best part of this game? IT'S COMPLETELY FREE!! Also, there are NO in-app purchases!  

You can download Stranger Things: The Game HERE and read more about it from Touch Arcade HERE!

Check out some screenshots for the game below!

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