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February Snow expected for the DMV

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A Wintry Mix Expected on Tuesday, February 13th

This winter has been somewhat unusual in terms of snowfall in the D.C. region, with just under eight inches of snow recorded so far this season. We experienced three noteworthy snow events, one in December and two in January, all of which exceeded expectations by bringing more snow than anticipated.

As the storm intensifies along the eastern coastline, parts of interior Pennsylvania, New York City, and New England may receive anywhere from half a foot to a foot of snow.

Predicting the amount of snowfall in DC on Tuesday is particularly challenging. The region's forecasting difficulty stems from the presence of mountains to the north and west, hindering the rapid influx of cold air as projected by weather models. This geographical factor often results in a mix of precipitation rather than a straightforward accumulation of snow.

On the contrary, alternative models, such as our Futurecast, depict a swift dusting of snow, particularly with reduced accumulation northwest of D.C. These situations are often labeled by forecasters as "boom" or "bust" events, signifying the unpredictability in outcomes.

The potential for such variability exists, and there is a probability of encountering at least some wintry mix in the morning. However, the level of certainty regarding the exact amount of snowfall remains relatively low.

In the advisory zone northwest of the city, we anticipate a snowfall ranging from 1 to 3 inches. Areas including Loudoun, Montgomery, and northern regions may experience snowfall totals surpassing an inch, particularly during the Tuesday morning commute, potentially leading to hazardous travel conditions.

Considering these conditions, it wouldn't be unexpected to witness several schools in this region opting for delays to assess how the situation unfolds throughout the morning.

In the immediate D.C. area, our forecast indicates a brief transition to a mix or snow. However, we anticipate that this change will not persist as long as it does in areas northwest of the city, possibly resulting in a light coating or slightly more accumulation.

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