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Weekend East Coast Storm with Snow, Rain, and Wind in forecast

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The Storm at a Glance

The disturbance, crucial for triggering the storm's formation in the Eastern region, is forecasted to move from the Southwest towards the Central Plains by Friday. The latest radar images depict the areas in the West currently experiencing rain and snow due to this system.

Anticipated snowfall amounts are expected to be generally light to moderate, spanning from the southern Rockies into portions of Kansas, as well as the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma.

The I-95 corridor

There are potential factors that could limit snowfall in certain areas near the I-95 corridor. The uncertainty lies in the amount of cold air present near the Interstate 95 corridor in the Northeast, as well as the future track and intensity of the storm.

Presently, forecast projections indicate that cold air may not be plentiful in some coastal locations, suggesting that areas from Washington, D.C., to New York City could experience a mix of rain and snow or even predominantly rain. While it is too early to provide a specific snow total forecast, our general outlook suggests the potential for more substantial accumulations (indicated by purple shadings) just to the north and west of these regions.

Southern New England, including areas close to Interstate 95, also has an increased likelihood of significant snowfall. This may encompass parts of the Boston, Providence, and Hartford metropolitan areas.

It's crucial to note that snowfall forecasting is one of the most challenging tasks for meteorologists due to uncertainties in factors such as those mentioned above, which may not be fully determined days before the potential storm's arrival.

As of now, it is advisable to stay informed about the likelihood of a storm this weekend and its potential impact on your plans, whether through rain, snow, or a combination of both. Regularly check for updates, as forecast adjustments are likely.

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