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Community DC - Interview with Karen Lee from SEEC

Karen Lee

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SEEC is a progressive nonprofit agency providing a wide range of community supports to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities live lives of their choosing. Our goal is to become a community of excellence that honors, respects and assists people with developmental disabilities as they direct their lives towards work, relationships, recreation, and personal development. Our role is to create supports for people to identify their hopes and dreams, and access the resources needed to achieve them. 

We aim to provide the highest caliber of community-based, person-directed services through ongoing learning and reflection, strategic planning, and investing in the professional development of our staff. Through our collaborative work with Maryland agencies and providers, we aim to affect policies and funding streams and expand staff development opportunities statewide.

SEEC’s operations are guided by a team of business and disability professionals and others who are key to successful services and effective nonprofit management. Our senior staff are sought-after presenters for webinars and conferences nationwide. Our volunteer Board of Directors monitors, directs, and approves operational and fiscal management.


To help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to direct their lives with dignity, choice, authority, and responsibility.


What We Do

SEEC provides an array of services to help people who have significant disabilities live, work and thrive in their communities. Active community engagement gives people opportunities to showcase their abilities, develop new interests and talents, contribute to the workforce, and broaden their social networks. Full inclusion also helps change long-held stereotypes of people with disabilities from being “needy” to “contributing” – from being different to having a lot in common with their non-disabled peers.

SEEC’s services are driven by the unique desires of the men and women we support to:

  • Live in a home of their choosing with whom they want to live
  • Housemates Wanted!
  • Benefit from paid employment that is valued and meaningful
  • Pursue their personal development through continuous learning
  • Thrive in communities of family and friends

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