Imagine Dragons Announce World Tour During iHeartRadio LIVE Show

Adrianna Casiano for iHeartRadio


Imagine Dragons just wrapped up an exclusive iHeartRadio LIVE show to celebrate the release of their sixth studio album LOOM, and during the event, which aired in VR only in Meta Horizon Worlds, singer Dan Reynolds promised that the band will be touring the world and will be announcing more dates soon. They head out on the North American leg later this month, which is the largest headline tour the band's ever done.

The show featured an 11-song performance including new songs like "Eyes Closed" and hits like "Believer," as well as a Q&A with iHeartRadio's Booker & Stryker. During the Q&A, Reynolds explained how Weezer's Blue Album inspired LOOM. "We wanted to make a record that was concise, that was re-playable," he said. "One of my favorite records growing up was The Blue Album by Weezer, and you would just listen from start to finish and there was actually a lot going on but there was no fat…we wanted to do that on this record."

He also opened up about a song on the album called “Nice to Meet You” that's about begrudgingly meeting the friends of someone you’re dating. Reynolds admitted it’s a true story “about a mean friend” that he’s “good friends with now.” He played the song for her before it came out and told her a lyric is about hating the paintings on her wall. “I was nervous,” he said, but she had a big smile at the end and said she’d love it if they put it out.

Check out the full setlist below.

Imagine Dragons iHeartRadio LIVE Setlist

Fire in the Hills
Take Me to the Beach
Whatever It Takes
Wake Up 
Bad Liar
Eyes Closed

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