Groom's Vows Are So Bad Even The Officiant Was Upset By Them: WATCH

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One of the most touching moments of a wedding is when the vows are read. It's a chance for the bride and groom to express personal and loving sentiments to one another. However, if vows aren't carefully prepared or taken seriously, they can be pretty disastrous, as one man recently learned.

It happened during a wedding in Kentucky, and videographer Samuel Foree of CK Entertainment shared footage of it on TikTok and Instagram. When it came time for the groom, Cody Sheehan, to share his vows with his wife and their family and friends gathered at their nuptials, the 27-year-old Cody said, "I promise to smack that a** every chance I get. Booyah!" He then laughed and added, "That's all I got."

A few guests awkwardly chuckled but it was mostly quiet. The officiant then asked, "Is that it?" to which Cody replied, laughing, "Yeah." In the background, someone can be heard pleading, "Come on Cody," and the officiant tried to give Cody another chance, questioning, "Are you sure?" Cody then confessed, "I didn't write nothing out." The officiant once more tried to help Cody, asking, "That's what you're going out with?" and Cody responded, "That's what I'm going with! We've made it this long!"

In his caption, Foree advised, "Fellas, this is your sign to go write those vows... now."

As if his vows weren't bad enough, they followed the well-composed and heartfelt vows his bride emotionally delivered. Plus, there was more to the scene than what was shown on TikTok, like Cody finally giving his bride more vows, though they too weren't taken seriously. He said, "I promise to frustrate you all the time. I promise not to listen to you," then "joked," "I mean, I will. Got that backwards."

Not surprisingly, viewers of Cody's vows were pretty horrified. One commenter wrote, "Update me about the divorce," while another stated, "I'd become a runaway bride like immediately," and another simply wrote, "I'd be heartbroken."

No word on if Cody's bride is now reconsidering.

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