Ben Folds And Mike Jones: 'What Matters Most', The Kennedy Center & More!

Ben Folds In Concert - Las Vegas, NV

Photo: Ethan Miller / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Next week, Ben Folds is back at The Kennedy Center for his What Matters Most Tour and we had a fun chat ahead of the show!

We discussed "What Matters Most" to people at different times in their lives, how he said he wasn't going to make another album but then this one happened, how he loves being a government employee and really enjoys what he does at The Kennedy Center with the National Symphony Orchestra, being a musician is a lot tougher than you realize, getting to perform with his friends for the DeClassified shows at The Kennedy Center, composing a show on stage with the NSO, his charity Keys For Kids and how long can he stretch his birthday celebration!

Here's our conversation and the video of Ben creating the song with the NSO in front of an audience. He said he was scared but he certainly didn't come off that way! And you can click this link to get tickets for Ben's show with the What Matters Most Tour at The Kennedy Center on September 21st.

Thanks for talking, Ben, and Happy Birthday! Cupcakes and Crown Royal sounds like a great way to enjoy it every year.

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