Tiki Takeover with All Time Low & EITM Recap

Tiki Takeover with All Time Low and EITM Recap!

Last Friday, February 3rd, Tiki TNT, a tropical escape in Washington, D.C., hosted our first Elliot in The Morning event since 2020! This event was an intimate gathering of true All Time Low, and Elliot In The Morning fans and supporters. Tiki TNT was a perfect oasis amid a frigid night.

Some things you missed if you couldn't go:

Alex and Jack are friendship GOALS

Right before the performance, iHeart Staff had to clear the way for Alex and Jack to go to the bathroom before the show. If you have ever been to Tiki TNT, you should know that they only have bathrooms on the first floor - remember, this is an intimate event - and they are single-person bathrooms. Jack was about to go into the bathroom but turned around just before closing the door to ask Alex if he wanted to use the bathroom first. The two went back and forth a few times before deciding just to go in together. Now that is true friendship.

Alex & Jack did a Personal Q&A

Would you rather wear the same socks or underwear for a year? Socks. The correct answer is socks. This was only one of the many questions Alex and Jack answered before performing acoustic versions of their songs at Tiki TNT. Some other questions asked were, What's your favorite pasta? What is your favorite song on the new record that isn't out yet? Since listening to DC101 as a kid, what songs from that era would put you back in that space? It was apparent that Alex and Jack had known each other since they were children based on their banter and goofiness with each other.

Alex Performed 4 Acoustic Versions of All Time Low's Hits

It was a unique show having Alex perform on an intimate stage with himself, a microphone, and his guitar. Alex started the show with "Some Kind of Disaster." It was obvious that true fans were present and enjoying themselves when the chorus came, and everyone was singing along. Alex then played "Sleeping in," "Sleep Walking," and finished up the set with "Monsters." Not only did his vocal talent shine through, but Alex showed the passion All Time Low has for their band and the songs they make through his raw delivery.

If you were able to make it - thank you for coming. If you couldn't come, we hope to do more EITM events in the future! See you next time.

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