Cook With Stay Puft, Slimer And Everyone In The Ghostbusters Cookbook!

Your boy Mike Jones might not be a whiz in the kitchen but I love Ghostbusters and I'm definitely going to give these recipes a try! I just got Ghostbusters: The Official Cookbook and there's a lot of fun stuff in here.

Not only are there recipes tied to Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters: Afterlife, there are fun stories to go along with each one. Like how Egon's love of junk food lead to his favorite way to make macaroni and cheese or using god energy to create a Big Twinkie, why a glass of Ecto Juice is orange so you don't confuse it with a glass of slime, Phoebe's' Pizza Puzzle that looks like the floor you can move to find a ghost trap in and plenty of marshmallows treats! Just be careful if you use Stay Puft Marshallows, strange things are bound to happen with them.

The recipes and the stories, plus the photos from all of the movies make Ghostbusters: The Official Cookbook a great pick for any fan! Plus all of these recipes are pretty simple and you don't need expert chef level skills to create any of them. I think I'm going to start with "Egon's Spores, Molds and Fungus Stuffed Mushrooms"!

You can go here to order Ghostbusters: The Official Cookbook.

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