Mike Jones & Julie Donaldson Talk 90 Years For The Washington Commanders!

Washington Commanders Introduce Carson Wentz

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This Saturday, July 9th, will mark the 90th anniversary of the team: starting in Boston, then moving to D.C. and now as the Washington Commanders. 90 years! It's a big anniversary and there will be a lot of celebrations going on now and all through the season.

Julie Donaldson joined me in the studio to talk about what's to come with the team, starting this Saturday with the launch of the Command Legacy website that goes through the history of everything with the team, plus how 10 more will be added to make it the list of the 90 Greatest People in Washington Football History. We also got into how players will be joining fans all through the season at home games at FedExField, the Sean Taylor memorial that will be unveiled and how Terry McLaurin just signed his new deal with the team!

Lots to get into and you can listen to my conversation with Julie below, plus make sure you watch for everything to come on Saturday at the Washington Commanders website.

Thank you, Julie!

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