Cops Tase a Drunk Entitled Male Karen After He Nearly Ran Them Over in Jeep

A 36-year-old man from Ohio was arrested and charged after he allegedly failed to obey the orders of police officers and nearly ran one of them over in his Jeep.

Joseph Solinger was seen on bodycam footage trying to speed around the scene of an accident near the Columbus Zoo on Friday before being hailed down by an officer. Solinger told the officer that he was just trying to get to his wife and kids after there was a report of an active shooter at the Zoo on Good Friday.

Solinger suddenly takes off and does a u-turn to try to get into the zoo parking lot but gets stuck in traffic. Officers approach the white Jeep for a second time but speeds off again, nearly hitting a trooper.

The cop who initially flagged Solinger down pursues him in his patrol car. He eventually tracks Solinger down and uses a taser on him so that he can be taken into custody.

Rumors of the incident spread into the zoo as an active shooter situation, creating panic amongst the guests. The zoo and Deleware County Sheriff's Office say there was no active shooter.

The Pataskala resident has been hit with a slew of charges, including failure to comply, inducing panic, misconduct at an emergency, driving while under the influence, reckless operation, resisting arrest and obstructing official, WSYX reported.

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