Man Sits in Lawn Chair Outside Salon and Masturbates While Staring Inside

A disturbing video shared by the media shows what is allegedly a man exposing himself and masturbating in a lawn chair in front of a crowded hair salon in California.

The man reportedly committed the lewd act in front of a group of women for 30 minutes and left without being arrested.

The incident was said to have occurred on Saturday afternoon at Static Salon in Long Beach, California. Salon staff claim the man came inside and asked for a haircut and then walked back out.

"Literally within 10 minutes between him leaving our salon and sitting in the chair to whipping it out. It was just insane," says a witness.

Salon staff say they called the police, but that they did not respond before the man had left the premises.

It is unknown if the culprit has been identified and/or located. The Long Beach Police Department say that more information is forthcoming.

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