Texas State Troopers Told to Slim Down or Face Disciplinary Consequences

A new policy has been unveiled for Texas State Troopers that is causing som controversy.

According to KHOU, ver 200 State Troopers have been told that they need to lose weight. Otherwise, they will face disciplinary consequences and could even be removed from law enforcement duties.

According to documents obtained by the Dallas Morning News, the policies affect men with waist sizes over 40 inches and women with waist sizes over 35 inches. Those troopers will be required to track and share their weight loss progress.

The affected officers have until December to meet the requirements of the new policy. Those who don't will face discipline such as denying of promotion, denying of overtime, or removal from law enforcement duties.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the policy is designed to "keep good health and physical fitness for officers."

Even if officers pass all of their physical fitness tests, they could still be disciplined by the new policy.


Photo: Getty Images

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