Johnny Depp to Testify Amber Heard or Her Friend Pooped in His Bed

Actor Johnny Depp is scheduled to take the stand on Tuesday at the Fairfax County District Courthouse in Fairfax, Virginia to testify that his ex-wife Amber Heard or one of her friends took a poop in his bed, says TMZ.

The two actors are in court because Depp sued Heard for $50M because he believes that Heard destroyed his reputation in an op-ed penned by Heard that appeared in The Washington Post. Since the online editions of The Washington Post are hosted on servers in Fairfax County, Virginia, that is why the case is being held in the area.

The aforementioned pooping incident is reportedly what ended their marriage, one that was rumored to be tumultuous and violent at times. He is expected to testify in court that Heard or a friend of hers purposely defecated on his side of their bed with the intent that he would unknowingly lay down in it.

The supposed pooping event took place on April 22, 2016 when the two allegedly got into an argument at a party in their Los Angeles penthouse. The next morning, a housekeeper reportedly called Depp to tell him that someone pooped on his side of the bed and put the covers on top of it, leading Depp to believe Heard or her friend did it on purpose.

Heard claims the poop came from on of their dogs, but Depp countered by saying the poop was too big to have come from their 3-4 lb dog.

Heard is countersuing Depp for $100M, claiming that he coordinated a smear campaign against her.

Photo: Getty Images/Getty Images

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