Taco Bell Is Bringing Back the Mexican Pizza Nationwide

Photo: Getty Images

The Taco Bell Mexican Pizza is making a comeback. And no, it won't just be in another country or in select locations. It's coming back nationwide on May 19.

The Mexican Pizza was a staple of Taco Bell's menu until November 2020, when it was cut to "make a faster and more seamless menu" and that the franchise believed the items used up too much cardboard.

The Mexican Pizza is made using two hard flour shells layered with beans, pizza sauce, seasoned beef, tomatoes and a melted three-cheese blend that sells for $4.49. There is also a vegetarian version of the Mexican Pizza without the seasoned beef. 

It is believed a social media campaign to get the fast food restaurant to bring back the Pizza was the driving force behind Taco Bell's decision to bring it back.

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