"Sugar Baby" Tries to Make a Racist Joke and Gets Kicked Off Talk Show

On a episode of the talk show Bethenny, a guest gets kicked off the show after she made a joke towards an audience member that backfired for sounding racist.

The segment was about "sugar babies" and featured three of them sitting on stage and talking about how they are fine with taking the money of much older men for sleeping with them even if they know that they're already married.

A member of the audience shares her thoughts on how she thinks it's wrong to do such a thing to potentially ruin a relationship for selfish reasons. She ends by telling one of the "sugar babies" that she's an airhead and drops the mic.

The "sugar baby" Sara-Kate tries to fire back but it doesn't go well. She claims the audience member is probably also guilty of sleeping with a married man and that she "sold her body for KFC or whatever you eat."

The audience looks stunned as the host Bethenny tells her her comment was uncalled for and tells her to leave the stage immediately.

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