Dude Beats Burglar to a Pulp After Catching Him in His House Taking Jewelry

A suspected burglar was beaten to a pulp after a Southern California homeowner reportedly caught him in the act of stealing jewelry from his house.

The homeowner, Sal Marcado, says he was returning home on April 1st and noticed an unusual SUV parked outside of his house. When he opened his front door, he says an intruder, identified as Alexis Provoste, was just inside and had his hands full of jewelry and electronics.

"He starts to go through the side of me to get out of the house, but I went BAM with the right cross, and he went down onto the grass of the front yard, picked himself up and ran to the car," says Marcado.

"I just didn’t give him a chance, just hit him, because first of all, I don’t know if he has a gun, a knife, any kind of weapon, right? You just don’t know. Your mind goes crazy," Marcado told KTLA.

Marcado was able to restrain Provoste until police arrived, but his getaway driver in the SUV took off. Thankfully for Marcado, Provoste was unarmed.

Provoste is currently in custody being held on a bail of $150,000.

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