Tiger Woods Caught on Hot Mic Saying "F**k Off" in Masters Return

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

Tiger Woods made his glorious return to The Masters on Thursday, his first official golf tournament since nearly losing his leg in a horrible car accident in February 2021.

Unexpectedly, or expectedly on who you ask, Woods shot a -1 round of 71 in his comeback which included three birdies.

But not every shot went his way.

After teeing off on the 9th hole, Woods seemed to grab his back in pain as his driver shot curved into some trees. Miraculously, Woods had a chance to hit his second shot onto the green. Everything looked good with his shot until the spin of the ball and the slope caused it to roll back down a hill.

A hot mic picked up his reaction as the ball rolled back. "F*** off," he says.

Woods however would end up making a par on the hole.

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