Everyone was Excited about the New RHCP Album Title Except Anthony Keidis

It was a big morning on Elliot in the Morning because we had a very special guest call in...Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers!

RHCP's new album "Unlimited Love" came out last week and we were curious...where did the name come from? So of course we had to ask.

"It came from kind of a lyric of a song called "She's A Lover." I was on that island with Rick recording vocals and he was reading some lyrics of mine and said "ooo unlimited love, that's a strong title."

Needless to say it automatically went into contention and everyone loved it. Well, everyone except for Kiedis.

"I put it on a long laundry list of other album titles that I had come up with...they all gravitated towards my least favorite on the list which was 'Unlimited Love."

He also talks to Elliot about to the energy that comes with playing recorded songs live for the first time in rehearsals, the band's reunion with guitarist John Frusciante and producer Rick Rubin and more.

Listen here:

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