Nicole Brown Simpson Lookalike Wakes Up OJ Simpson at 1AM

Back in 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson, ex-wife of O.J. Simpson, was found murdered in her Los Angeles home, two years after divorcing the NFL star and actor. Although O.J. was put on trial for the murder of Nicole, he was acquitted of the murder charges.

And now, a woman who is a lookalike of Nicole decided it would be a good idea to prank the 74-year-old.

The woman and her friends barge into Simpson's room at 1AM and yell, "Wakey! Wakey!"

It seems they are trying to get a reaction from the man, but he seems dazed and then appears to laugh at them and goes to play along with the whole thing.

I feel like this could have backfired big time if O.J. picked up on the resemblance of the woman.

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