Dude Pees Inside Detroit Gas Station After His Credit Card Was Declined

Detroit police have identified a man who allegedly urinated on a snack rack inside a gas station convenience store and are asking him to turn himself in.

FOX 2 reports an argument broke out at the Amoco station in Detroits east side after a customer had an issue with his debit card not taking.

The attendant working took cell phone video of the customer who allegedly peed on a bunch of bags of snacks before leaving as his friend eggs him on.

"He thinks this is a joke? Well, we'll be seeing him pretty soon," says a Detroit police representative.

The suspect helped himself to a bunch of snacks from the rack, including some of the ones he apparently had just peed on. He also pulls his pants down and moons the attendant as he returns to his vehicle parked outside.

FOX 2 spoke with a few citizens to get their thoughts on the video clip that has now gone viral:

"Oh my goodness, that is ignorant."

"That's my family gas station... I don't pee in there, though!"

"P*ss in the bathroom. Don't p*ss on my chips. Now I can't buy chips for two weeks."

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