Horrific Footage of Pileup in PA Leaves at Least 5 Dead from Snow Squall

Warning: Video Contains Distressing Images

A massive pileup in Pennsylvania has left at least three people dead after a snow squall created near zero visibility conditions on Interstate 81 in Schutlkill County Monday morning.

Insane video footage captured from the scene shows a chaotic mess of vehicles skidding, crashing, explosions and fire. All while drivers tried to flee their cars as more crashed.

A dangerous mix of snow alongside fog created incredibly dangerous road conditions and it appears from the footage that drivers were either driving too fast for the conditions and/or could not slow down quickly enough to avoid collisions. Over a dozen passenger vehicles and 5 tractor trailers were involved in the accident.

One truck that reportedly was carrying oil or fuel caught on fire.

"This is ridiculous. … It’s snow and fog mixed together, and it made the visibility down to zero. Sh*t’s on fire. … I need to get the fu*king off the road. Damn, this is crazy," says Mike Moye in the video that was originally posted on Facebook Live.

According to a reporter for Pennsylvania radio station WKOK, at least 5 people have reportedly died in the incident.

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