Texas Truck Drives Straight Into Tornado, Flips, and Casually Drives Away

A tornado ripped through Elgin, Texas in the central area of the state earlier this week, leaving a trail of destruction. And one video shows the tornado up close and personal along with an incredible series of events.

As a driver in Elgin records the tornado ripping across the road, they capture the moment the driver of a red pickup truck gets unexpectedly caught directly inside of the vortex.

The truck is flipped onto its side and pushed down the road. Miraculously, the truck is flipped back on its tires and the truck casually drives away.

KXAN managed to find the truck later. Although they weren't able to speak with the driver in person, they discovered that the driver managed to sustain only minor injuries, but they were, as expected, very shaken up by the whole incident.

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