Bartender Tries to Get Fancy Serving Shots But Lights a Dude on Fire

A bartender tried to show off with a fire trick while serving a bunch of shots of liquor but it backfired to say the least!

The bartender has a full stack of about 20 shot glasses with a couple even already lit up. He takes a swig of some of the alcohol, takes some more straight from the bottle and waves everyone off to the sides as he lines up to breathe fire.

He unleashes the fury of the flames from his mouth but the ball of fire is way bigger than anyone expected. A dude sitting nearby on a stool gets caught in the fire, literally, and has his shirt catch on fire.

I don't know where this dude went to school but he needs to stop, drop and roll immediately.

"Hi, yes. I would like to file a complaint? Your bartender lit me on fire."

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