Cop Tries to Stop Hellcat with Spike Strip But It Doesn't Go as Planned

A police officer in Louisiana attempts to stop a Dodge Hellcat that was being pursued by other law enforcement but it doesn't end up going as planned.

The video appears to show the officer attempting to time the tossing of the spike strip as other motorists travel down the highway.

As the Hellcat comes into frame, it veers towards the officer standing there and appears to hit him before speeding off.

According to, the suspect was pursued after they failed to pull over for a missing license plate. The 24-year-old suspect fled onto Interstate 12 in Louisiana where the spike strip was deployed.

Thankfully, the officer reportedly only suffered minor injuries.

Officers later located the vehicle in a parking lot of a Rouse's supermarket, and when the suspect exited the store and saw the officers waiting for him, he fled on foot. He reportedly was found to be in possession of a firearm when detained.

The suspect faces a myriad of charges.

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