WWE Legend Scott Hall Has Been Taken Off Life Support: Report

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Photo: Getty Images

WWE legend Scott Hall has reportedly been taken off life support, a day after he was put on it following complications from surgery. Shawn Waltman, aka X-Pac, told TMZ that he had been taken off life support on Monday and said he was still fighting for his life.

Wrestling reporter Dave Meltzer said the same thing and added that it would be a "miracle" if he survived.

Hall reportedly suffered complications stemming from hip replacement surgery earlier this month. He is said to have suffered three heart attacks after a blood clot from the surgery spot entered his blood stream.

Hall, a native of Maryland, broke into WWE with the ring name Razor Ramon in the 90s, winning the Intercontinental Championship four times. He left the WWE in 1996 and "invaded" WCW with Kevin Nash as The Outsiders. They later added "Hollywood" Hogan to their group and formed the New World Order, effectively kicking off years of WCW becoming fiercely competitive with the WWE.

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