This Is What Happens When You Go to an Off-Brand Wrestling Event

Pro wrestling fans all know WWE. They know AEW. If you're more than a casual fan, you probably even know Impact, ROH and MLW. The list goes on down, until you reach hometown wrestling circuits with basically no budgets that use high school gyms to host their events.

There's where you'll find the dudes who are just getting into the wrestling business. Which means there can be some rough edges.

This dude records what happens at a "off-brand" wrestling event in his area. Two dudes are having a match when one man of larger stature attempts to climb the ropes and deliver a flying blow to his opponent. Except he has trouble getting to the top and just decides to launch himself anyway.

He misses the other dude entirely and somehow the ring does not collapse from the impact. However, the ring shakes so violently that even the referee is nearly knocked off his feet.

I have no idea if this was a botched move that ended causing a real injury or not but I wouldn't be surprised if this dude did some serious damage to himself.

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