"Disabled Man" in a Wheelchair Suddenly Recovers, Escapes from Police

Bodycam footage from a police officer in Arkansas catches the moment a man who appeared to be disabled magically healed and escaped from police custody.

KARK reports the suspect, 41-year-old Joel Delgado, was being wheeled to the Pulaski County courthouse in Little Rock, Arkansas where he was supposed to be seen in court. He is being wheeled by a sheriff's deputy when he suddenly launches himself out of the wheelchair near a door and sprints off down a street.

Deputies say Delgado caught a taxi cab to get away. However, only a few hours later he was located and placed into custody.

Delgado was originally facing charges of residential burglary and possession of a firearm but is now looking at more charges due to his attempt to escape.

Delgado claimed after his original arrest that he had been injured and was taken to a hospital. After he was medically discharged, he returned to the Pulaski County jail in a wheelchair.

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