Karen Gets Shut Down by a Fellow Customer at McDonald's

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

A dude was just trying to get a Shamrock Shake at at McDonald's and instead was treated to an argument between a "Karen" and a customer who wasn't afraid of firing back at her.

The man takes offense to how the woman is speaking to the employees of the McDonald's and tells her there's no wonder they are having a hard time finding people who want to work when there's "some b**** takling s*** to them."

He then says, "You don't like it? Go someplace else. Go to Burger King. Have it your way. Have it your way and go to Burger King."

After he insults her some more, she tells the McDonald's employees to call the police and he fires back, "You call the police. They're busy."

She asks for the manager but the workers ignore her. After a few seconds of silence, she declares, "Better yet, I don't want the food."

"You don't need the food."

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