Florida Man Killed in Porta-Potty When Coworker Runs Over It in Bulldozer

Aaron Henderson, 40 and father of three, had recently turned his life around, according to his friends and family members. But his life was cut tragically short when a bulldozer ran over the porta-potty he was in at his job.

Henderson was working at the Pol County North Landfill in Florida as a spotter for drivers of large vehicles and heavy equipment coming in and out of the landfill. His loved ones say that he had just been hired a few weeks prior and was thrilled to have a new job that he enjoyed doing. They say Aaron had a smile and a laugh that could light up a room and he was a great father to his three sons.

Aaron's older brother Lenard told FOX 13, "He came up in the streets a little bit and was tired of living like that. He wanted to have responsibility and be a responsible person."

Tragically on Friday, he was crushed after a bulldozer ran over the porta-potty he was using, say the Polk County Sheriff's Office. They say that the bulldozer was driving up an embankment with the front blade several feet above ground, making it nearly impossible for the driver to see clearly. When the driver made it to the level part of the embankment, he started to turn the bulldozer and heard a loud crumbling noise.

The driver says he wasn't aware there was a porta-potty in the staging area when he went to see the damage that he had caused, he reportedly found Aaron inside, unresponsive.

His family just wants the truth to come out of the investigation that is reportedly underway.

"At the end of the day, we don't know what happened, but we just want to know the truth," says Lenard. "So we hope they do a thorough investigation, you know what I’m saying? All we want is the truth."

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