Woman Evicted After Scammer "Rents" Her a Foreclosed Abandoned Property

A bunch of sheriff's deputies in Chicago convened on a house to evict a woman who had been staying there illegally.

Little did she know she was actually being scammed by someone who was renting her the house even though it was foreclosed on and owned by a bank and was supposed to be vacant.

One of the neighbors records the deputies breaking the front door to come get her and kick her out of the place. The neighbor tells one of the officers that she thought she had just moved into the place in January and didn't really seem to get what was going on.

The sheriff's deputy explains that they have reason to believe the woman was living there illegally. He says the woman is a squatter and that someone broke into the house, then changed the locks and scammed her into leasing the place.

The woman comes out and talks to them, saying that they paid $2,000 to move in. The officer explains that the entire building should be vacant and that they're going to reinforce it after everyone is cleared out to avoid another break-in.

Best to do some research when viewing properties on Zillow and Craigslist.

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