Alleged Drug Dealer Gets Arrested, Climbs Out of Cop Car and Pays the Price

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

A man in New York City got arrested for allegedly selling illicit drugs and then things took a wild ride.

The man is in the process of being detained by two officers while a woman who claims she's his girlfriend pleads with them and another man is also a little too close with the officers.

It appears the man struggles with the cops and tries to kick one of them. He briefly gets away and it appears that one officer injured his leg in the process.

As other officers are later on the scene, they start to chase someone but it's unclear if it's the original dude or someone else.

Then, the video cuts to the original dude climbing his way out of the back seat of an NYPD SUV and he takes off down the sidewalk despite still being handcuffed.

Unfortunately for him, there are about 15 other cops down that way that mob him and take him down.

That stunt probably got him another round of charges on top of whatever other ones he was probably about to face.

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