CNN Reporter in Ukraine Realizes He's Crouching Down Next to a Grenade

A CNN reporter providing a live update from just outside of Kyiv in Ukraine accidentally crouched down next to a grenade and quickly dipped once he realized it.

On Monday, CNN host John Berman was speaking with Matthew Chance, an international correspondent. Chance was showing viewers the aftermath of a battle outside of Kyiv, claiming that the Ukrainians had completely destroyed some Soviet-era vehicles. At one point he is seen crouching down as Berman asks him to describe the Ukrainian forces.

"Oh actually, I was crouching down right by a grenade. I didn't see that. Let's move away from that," Chance says before addressing Berman's inquiry.

Chance then took viewers on a short tour of the remains of the Russian military, explaining, "I toured this area earlier, and there are some terrible things that we can't really show you on camera in terms of dead bodies, Russians, still lying here on the ground."

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