Georgian Sailors Refuse to Refuel Russian War Ship: "Go F*ck Yourselves"

It would appear that Russia thought they would have a much easier time in their invasion attempt of Ukraine that, at least at the time of this writing, is still underway and hasn't been going to well for Russia.

Even some of Russia's neighbors are giving them the cold shoulder.

A Georgian bulker was contacted by a Russian warship over the radio and requested a refuel, only to be told by the sailors to "go f*ck yourselves."

Keep in mind Georgia has had their own issues with Russia trying to take over their land.

Some kind person on reddit has transcribed the conversation, including translating the part that's not in English:

Georgian #1: Your ship looks like Russian. Are you from Russia?

Russians: Yes, from Russia

Georgian #1: Understood, Russian crew, yes? Guys, we refuse to fuel your ship

Russians: Who's talking to us?

Georgian #1: Senior chief mate from Georgia. We will not fuel your ship. Russian ship. Go F*ck Yourself! *laughs*

Georgian #2: Occupiers, blyat [f*ck you]!

Russians: Let's do without the politics, we're running low on fuel

Georgian #1: If you're running low on fuel, then you can use paddles

Georgian #2: F*ck you

Georgian #1: Glory to heroes, Glory to Ukraine, Glory to heroes

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