Ukrainian Brewery Pravda Halts Beer Production, Makes Molotov Cocktails

As the conflict in Ukraine continues into its third day, the Ukrainian media has been instructing citizens on how to defend themselves. And that includes how to make your own Molotov cocktails.

A brewery in the city of Lviv in western Ukraine, Pravda Brewery, halted all production of beer at their facility and instead have used their resources to make Molotov cocktails for their constituents to use against belligerent Russian forces.

Naturally, Pravda even is using special labels for the bottles they are handing out, featuring a naked caricature of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The text on the bottle reads, "Putin Huilo," which basically translates into English as "Putin is a d*ckhead" or "Putin is a prick."

The actual beer version was released in 2018 and even won a Bronze medal in the World Beer Idol 2018 in the "dry-hopped golden ale" category coming in at 8% ABV.

The bottles are now filled with a much stronger liquid and can really hurt.

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