Impatient Driver Tries to Pass Truck on Highway, Ends Up Paying the Price

The driver of a Honda Accord sedan let his road rage get the best of him and ended up severely paying the price.

At the beginning of the video clip shared to social media, the driver of the light blue car can be seen tailgating a white pickup truck. The person recording the video claims the truck tried to brake-check the Accord which further enrages the driver.

The Accord then speeds up and goes onto the shoulder to pass a black SUV and tries to get in front of the white truck but doesn't realized there's another SUV up ahead. The Accord then loses control trying not to hit the other SUV and veers straight into the face of a rock cliff right after the guard rail ends on the side of the highway.

The car is obliterated in the crash as in flips on its nose for a split second before crashing down on its roof. The occupants of the vehicle recording the video clip are celebrating, and even though the driver should have faced consequences for driving dangerously, it seems sad that they would be cheering at someone who could have possibly been seriously injured or killed.

Please drive safe!

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