Florida Woman Throws Barbie Doll at Walmart Employee in Shoplifting Attempt

Florida police are seeking a woman who tried to leave a Walmart in Winter Haven with a shopping cart full of unpaid items. She was stopped and confronted by several store employees and at one point threw a Barbie doll box at one worker.

Police shared surveillance video footage of the incident which reportedly took place on February 2nd at around 1:00 PM. The unidentified woman is seen arriving in the self-checkout area with a cart full of items like silk flowers, children's toys and groceries.

Police say the woman lingers for a while before looking at other items nearby.

A police statement then says the following: "She then walks away with the full cart, ultimately being stopped at the doors. She is escorted back where she proceeds to argue - a lot. Getting louder and louder, then claiming, ‘Get the manager Kim. I have an employee discount and I get my groceries for free.’ News flash - there is no manager named Kim at the store."

The woman is then seen removing a Barbie doll from her cart and says she will pay for it, the police statement says. One employee tells her to come back and to pay for it at the register.

"She comes back all right. Throws the box at the associate hitting her in the face causing a small laceration on her lip. Although it's difficult to see here, witnesses said the woman had green hands and hair, apparently from a recent hair dye treatment," the statement reads.

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