Woman with 5 Butt Enlargement Surgeries Can't Find Love Bc of Her Butt Size

A Swedish woman who has undergone five Brazilian butt lifts in an attempt to gain "the biggest bum in the world" instead says the size of her butt makes men "afraid" of her.

27-year-old Natasha Crown says she has spent over $150,000 on plastic surgery procedures to enhance her features, including breast implants and lip fillers. She claims her last romantic relationship was around seven years ago and added, "I am pretty extreme, so I think people are afraid of me."

Brazilian butt lifts have reportedly become extremely popular in recent years thanks to the Kardashian effect.

"It's scary for men," she says. "You have my personality and then you have my body and then you have everything else on top of that. It's extreme."

The resident of Gothenburg, Sweden was set up on a blind date with a man who is turned off by the size and shape of her butt and refuses to go on a second date.

"I understand. It's too much for him. It's too much to handle all the thickness, all the curves," she said after the date was a disaster. "It didn't work out, we're moving on and hopefully I will find someone."

Even though her butt has apparently been a big reason why she has difficulty finding a lover, she plans to have even more surgery. "I'm going to have the world's biggest bum. That's my goal and I'm going to reach it. When I was 20 years old, I did my first surgery... and soon I will have my sixth."

That might prove to be difficult, since the record holder for the world's biggest butt is your mom.

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