Dude Exposes the Truth Behind a Pair of $2,100 Designer Jeans

NSFW Language Warning in Video

A clothing store in Los Angeles sells some pretty pricey "designer" clothing but it seems the old adage of just paying for the brand name holds true here in a weird way.

This dude records himself exposing the truth behind a pair of jeans with a price tag of $2,100.

He pulls the pair out and flips them over, and lo and behold, it's a regular pair of $40 Levi's jeans that have been painted/recolored over. They even left the tab on the back pocket.

Not saying it's not worth paying an artist for their work but this is a little too overboard. At least they acknowledge the fact they are modifying normal pairs of Levi's jeans on their website and marking them up 30x:

We begin with a vintage pair of Levi’s 501s that we've hand-selected for their wash and level of distressing. Each pair is re-cut and re-fitted for a slimmer fit and narrower leg opening. We strive to make each pair unique by utilizing techniques like reinforcing rips, and darning, leaving no two pairs the same. These pants are made from vintage fabrics and each pair will have a unique wash.

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