Did Bob Saget Predict His Death on Podcast Days Before It Really Happened?

As more and more details are revealed in the passing of beloved actor and comedian Bob Saget, the whole thing seems to take one strange turn after another.

At first, it seemed he died suddenly and it was rumored that he died of a heart attack. However, an autopsy found that Saget reportedly died in his sleep after apparently suffering brain bleeding from head trauma.

And days after that, it was further revealed that Saget had "multiple head fractures" and also had COVID-19 at the time of his death on January 9th at the age of 65. He also had an enlarged heart and had damage on his heart's blood vessels although those reportedly did not contribute to his death.

The story took yet another strange turn when a neurosurgeon, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, went on CNN and described the physical trauma Saget would have had to go through to match what the autopsy had found. Gupta likened Saget's injuries to someone who had taken a fall down a flight of stairs or was in significant car accident.

To complicate things further, Saget could have arguably predicted his own death while on a podcast in October, only shortly before his passing.

As the host rattles off a list of some of her favorite movies, Saget interrupts and says, "So, I don't have long to live. If these are your favorites. I'm going to be found dead in bed."

The host then seems to brush if off and says, "Better watch out!" as Saget has a stone cold look on his face.

Saget died only 76 days later.

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