Dude w/ Major Road Rage Harasses Driver Until They Spin Out, Instant Karma

A pair of drivers involved in a serious road rage incident are lucky to be walking away without getting into a serious accident in High Point, North Carolina this morning.

A motorist recorded the latter part of the ordeal and provided some gold commentary to go along with it.

He claims the two drivers had been going at it for 6-8 minutes, and it appears the driver in the white van is the aggressor while the driver of the black sedan is trying to get away.

The white van makes multiple passes on the shoulder and tries multiple times to run the other driver off the road.

The man recording the video even makes note at one point that he's going 100 mph to keep up with the action as the black Mazda tries to lose the van by making a sharp turn onto an off-ramp.

After a hard brake-check from the van, the black sedan's brakes lock up and the car spins uncontrollably and stops.

The white van thinks it's game over but it's not.

Out of nowhere, a Dodge Charger flies into the frame and... wait for it... it's an unmarked police car.

The officer immediately pulls over the white van as the man taking the video celebrates.

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