Salty Graphic Designer Hides Man with Huge Sausage in Pizza Restaurant Ad

Photo: Twitter

A salty graphic designer got the last laugh by hiding a lewd photo of a naked man hiding in plain sight on a printed flyer for a pizza restaurant.

You can click here to see the full photo of the flyer (NSFW) and see if you can find the naked man and his penis here because if I embed it on this page and one of my bosses sees it I'll probably get in trouble or something.

It's also in the picture above, but I used the healing brush in Photoshop on it so that the ween is not clearly visible but you can sorta see the dude sitting there.

If you're an Internet nerd like me you might recognize the photo that this graphic designer slid onto the top of the latte. The dude's name is "Wood" and the photo has been used in a number of pranks already.

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