Customer Jumps Counter at Chase Bank After Deposit Went to Overdraft Fees

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Langauge

A customer at a Chase bank became enraged after being told that the money she was depositing was being used to cover overdraft fees and things got physical.

She yells at the two employees behind the country as she climbs over, apparently mad that she has to pay money for not having money. AKA the poverty tax, a scummy practice that basically penalizes poor people for being poor.

The one dude appears to be calling security as the woman demands her money back and she gets in his face and appears to try to grab him at one point.

He pushes her away and the two look like they are squaring up but thankfully things don't escalate any further physically.

The customer tries to walk into a couple of areas in the back but obviously they are locked up pretty well. She gives up and leaves the premises.

Bonus: One bank employee also appears to have been the recipient of a full face of ass crack ass the customer hopped down behind the counter.

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