Woman Finds a Naked Dude Hiding in Her Trunk Who Thinks It's No Big Deal

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

A Canadian woman who knew something wasn't right with her car found out what was going on after she discovered a naked man hiding in her trunk that had allegedly been there for multiple days.

Bethany Coker uploaded the video to her TikTok upon making the discovery of the man.

"Why are you in my trunk and are you naked?" she asks.

"Yeah," he replies. "It's a right of passage."

Coker then runs out in a panic until she finds someone else nearby who tells her to call 911 after he sees that she is not making things up.

The video later shows Canadian police on the scene talking to the naked man.

"Can I put my pants on?" he asks them. "We'd really appreciate that," they respond.

According to one news article, the man was taken to a hospital for psychological evaluation but wasn't charged with any crime.

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