Top 10 Grossest Words in the English Language Revealed in New Poll

Photo: Getty Images

A new poll conducted by Preply has determined the top 10 grossest words in the English language.

Nearly 10,000 votes were cast for the most gross word, which is "pus."

And many other bodily fluids and conditions rounded out the top 10.

Here they are:

  1. Pus (9,799 votes)
  2. Phlegm (8,984 votes)
  3. Seepage (8,799 votes)
  4. Moist (8,234 votes)
  5. Splooge (7,893 votes)
  6. Fester (7,223 votes)
  7. Mucus (7,083 votes)
  8. Ooze (6,990 votes)
  9. Putrid (6,912 votes)
  10. Curd (6,344 votes)

Many of the words make people feel "queasy" according to Preply spokesperson Daniele Saccard, creating "word adversion" or a strong dislike of a hearing word and reluctance to using it. She adds the poll shows the power of language and it's ability to make people feel certain emotions based on reading words alone.

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