Michael Rapaport Gets Beemed with a Snowball During a Rant

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

Outspoken critic Michael Rapaport had the side of his head meet a snowball during one of his rants over cancel culture and crime in New York City.

Rapaport was going off on the people who ousted Whoopi Goldberg from The View following comments she made about the Holocaust before getting beemed with a snowball.

"Shut up, shut the f*** up. Nobody wants to hear it," the perpetrator is heard saying to Rapaport out of sight.

He starts to curse back at the man who continues saying, "You've been talking all f***ing week. We don't care what you have to say. Just stop talking."

Rapaport posted the clip to his Instagram page with the title "RANT GONE WRONG," leading some to believe it was all set up on purpose and that the snowball thrower is his comedian friend Bill Burr.

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